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Every month, Rob hosts a Community Leaders Round Table meeting. 

  1. Representatives from Oakville's groups and associations of residents bring questions and issues to share with each other and Rob.
  2. All groups are welcome.
  3. Call Rob at (905) 338-4173 for an invitation. 
Rob calls his approach to public consultation, "Engage & Expand":
"Only when we engage with each other and expand our mutual understanding of a problem can we arrive at a real solution," Rob says. "Evidence solves more problems than assumptions."


Councillor Duddeck at Busker Fest

Mayor Rob Burton enjoys learning first hand from residents what they're expecting from the Town and the Region.

Councillor Duddeck at Busker Fest

Mayor Rob Burton enjoys working with Members of Council such as Ward 2 Town and Region Councillor Cathy Duddeck, seen here at a Kerr St. event).

Leading and winning…

  1. As a responsive leader, Rob makes good things happen with people skills acquired over years of volunteer work as a coach and convenor, residents' association leader, and as the creator of YTV and its nationwide consortium of investors who made it possible.
  2. As a strategic leader, Rob knows how to win for our community when Oakville is threatened. Rob's victories include stopping development of the Glen Abbey Golf Course, preventing amalgamation of Oakville into a City of Halton, defeating the power plant that was too close to homes and schools, and saving 30 per cent of North Oakville as greenspace now known as the 900-hectare Oakville Natural Heritage System.
  3. As a business leader, Rob has management skills honed in a business career in TV, film, and journalism. Rob's business skills brought steady fiscal management that kept tax increases at or below inflation. Rob's business know-how has produced 16 straight annual independent clean audits of the Town's finances and operations.
  4. As an environmental leader, Rob's environmental awareness developed through a lifetime of environmental activism and concern. Rob's environmental credibility was at work when Rob stopped sprawl in Halton by persuading a majority of Halton Council to save Halton's remaining farmland by freezing our growth boundaries.
  5. As a community leader, Rob knows our needs from years as president of a long-active residents' association and as coach, convenor, and director of Oakville sports groups. Rob's experience gave him the proof he needed when Rob doubled our arenas and sports fields.
  6. As a political leader, Rob listens. Rob believes in engage-and-expand consensus-seeking to find agreement and action. That's how Rob got unanimous agreement at Halton Council to build the Wyecroft Road bridge and extension.
  7. As a parent, Rob knows Oakville's families value their town as a great place to raise kids because that's what attracted Rob and Wendy to raise their kids here. Rob's values inspired him when Rob created Ontario's first municipal community safety and well-being plan for Halton.

Focusing on family…


Rob and Wendy and Rachel, Sarah, and Robert

…& business


YTV's 1st office (Rob, center) shows Rob knows how to grow a big success out of a modest start.

Helping you…

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