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Oakville and regional councils call on province to expand Greenbelt

Oakville and regional councils call on province to expand Greenbelt 7 March 2018

Oakville and regional councils call on province to expand Greenbelt

Vote looking at Greenbelt expansion close at regional council with 12-9 result

Halton regional and Oakville city councils are calling on the province to expand the Greenbelt. 

A motion, brought forward by Oakville Mayor Rob Burton, asking the province to extend its study area for Greenbelt expansion was approved unanimously by Oakville council Feb. 27 and approved in a 12-9 vote at regional council on Feb. 21. 

The motion urges the province to expeditiously grow the Greenbelt by incorporating appropriate Whitebelt lands within the Greater Golden Horseshoe’s “inner ring” to protect Ontario’s limited freshwater and natural heritage features.

Setting the record straight

Setting the record straight 7 May 2017

Setting the record straight

Housing supply and prices vs the Growth Plan and the Greenbelt Plan

A falsehood lies at the heart of the campaign that claims the Growth Plan and Greenbelt Plan have constrained the supply of land for and/or the supply of ground related housing - and that this is largely responsible for increased housing prices in the Greater Golden Horseshoe.  

Repetition of such claims in the absence of the real and complete facts has seemingly led to their acceptance - not only in individuals and the public - but also in the financial and real estate sectors, certain academic institutions and the federal government.  

The claims that the plans are constraining the supply of land and ground-related housing are ill-founded.

Oakville mayor asks Province to address housing

Oakville mayor asks Province to address housing 13 April 2017

Oakville mayor asks Province to address housing

Mayor attends summit of mayors with Premier Wynne to address issues

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton was one of the mayors and regional chairs from the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) to meet with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne on Wednesday, April 12, to discuss housing affordability at Queen’s Park.

“I am pleased to see the Ontario government taking the issue of affordability seriously, and bringing municipal leaders to the table to discuss solutions. It is absolutely critical that we work together to ease the unsustainable increases in the housing market while avoiding a sharp correction,” Burton said in a statement.

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