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Town agrees to buy Deerfield and Fourteen Mile Creek lands

Town agrees to buy Deerfield and Fourteen Mile Creek lands 23 March 2018

Town agrees to buy Deerfield and Fourteen Mile Creek lands

Land transfer between province & Oakville will keep Merton Lands protected

The remnants of the Merton Lands, including Deerfield Golf Club, will stay as protected green space, according to the Town of Oakville, after it purchases the property from the province. 

The announcement was made Thursday night, March 22, by Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn at Deerfield. 

The area includes lands that were leased by the Province of Ontario to Deerfield and the sale was contingent on the protection of recreation and conservation lands. 

“We saw what happened when the previous government sold the Saw-Whet Golf Course to the private sector. I am proud that the Ontario government … will protect this valuable green space,” said Flynn.

OMB issues Saw-Whet decision approving settlement

OMB issues Saw-Whet decision approving settlement 6 July 2017

OMB issues Saw-Whet decision approving settlement

OMB approves development of former Saw-Whet Golf Course lands

The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has released its decision formally approving the negotiated settlement that was reached between the Town of Oakville, the Region of Halton, Conservation Halton and Bronte Green last fall concerning the development of the lands at 1401 Bronte Road. 

“The OMB’s decision to approve the town’s settlement with Bronte Green was the best possible outcome that we could achieve at the OMB,” Mayor Burton said. “In the settlement, Bronte Green agreed to significant concessions to respond to all of the issues raised by the town including protecting green space and addressing key environmental concerns over wildlife and flood protection. While it would have been desirable to preserve all this land, legally that was simply not possible in this case.”

OMB approves Saw-Whet development

OMB approves Saw-Whet development 4 July 2017

OMB approves Saw-Whet development

Developer yielded on all issues posed by Town, Region, & Conservation

The fate of the former Saw-Whet Golf Course was officially sealed by the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) recently – favouring the developer’s application and its agreement with the Town of Oakville for the property at 1401 Bronte Rd.

The OMB’s decision — what amounted to the OMB’s stamp of approval on a settlement reached between the Town and Bronte Green Corporation some time ago — was issued Wednesday, June 21.

It will allow Bronte Green Corporation to move forward with building a residential community with limited retail, and a mix of single-family homes, townhouses and low-rise apartments located on the Bronte Road lands.

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