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Town agrees to buy Deerfield and Fourteen Mile Creek lands

Town agrees to buy Deerfield and Fourteen Mile Creek lands 23 March 2018

Town agrees to buy Deerfield and Fourteen Mile Creek lands

Land transfer between province & Oakville will keep Merton Lands protected

The remnants of the Merton Lands, including Deerfield Golf Club, will stay as protected green space, according to the Town of Oakville, after it purchases the property from the province. 

The announcement was made Thursday night, March 22, by Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn at Deerfield. 

The area includes lands that were leased by the Province of Ontario to Deerfield and the sale was contingent on the protection of recreation and conservation lands. 

“We saw what happened when the previous government sold the Saw-Whet Golf Course to the private sector. I am proud that the Ontario government … will protect this valuable green space,” said Flynn.

Town adding 15 pedestrian crosswalks

Town adding 15 pedestrian crosswalks 1 March 2018

Town adding 15 pedestrian crosswalks

Changes Set to Affect Drivers in Oakville

Drivers and cyclists, there are 15 new reasons to pay attention when you’re on the road in Oakville in 2018.

Some changes could be kicking in this month.

Fifteen pedestrian crossovers are being installed across town. 

The first four will be placed in March, weather permitting. 

It’s part of the town's pedestrian safety program, approved by council in October 2017. It recommends more than 170 pedestrian crossover locations to be implemented over the next 10 to 15 years. 

"Council is committed to improving pedestrian options and safety for Oakville's residents and visitors," said Mayor Rob Burton. 

"Oakville is becoming even more walkable and livable with the ongoing addition of new pedestrian crossovers."

CHCH interviews Mayor Burton

CHCH interviews Mayor Burton 15 January 2018

CHCH interviews Mayor Burton

Annual 'Meet the Mayor' interview

Bob Cowan of CHCH TV interviews Mayor Rob Burton about the year ahead in Oakville. 

Bob asks Mayor Burton about his decision to run for re-election, his opposition to the development of the Glen Abbey golf course, the Province's decision to put a marijuana store in Oakville, housing affordability, why Mayor Burton says growth is the #1 issue, and the trend in home prices.

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