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Local growth plan amendments open for comments

Local growth plan amendments open for comments 15 October 2017

Local growth plan amendments open for comments

Council expects recommendation reports by the end of the year

Following extensive study and a series of public open houses, the town now has draft official plan amendments that would see important updates made to the growth area policies for Kerr Village, Bronte Village and Downtown Oakville in the Town of Oakville's Official Plan - the Livable Oakville Plan. 

The draft amendments would update the existing framework for how the town will accommodate growth and build upon the unique character of the town's three "main street areas."
The Livable Oakville Plan (2009 Town of Oakville Official Plan) applies to all lands within the town except the North Oakville East and West Secondary Plan areas. It sets out council's policies on how the lands should be used and growth should be managed through to 2031.

Setting the record straight

Setting the record straight 7 May 2017

Setting the record straight

Housing supply and prices vs the Growth Plan and the Greenbelt Plan

A falsehood lies at the heart of the campaign that claims the Growth Plan and Greenbelt Plan have constrained the supply of land for and/or the supply of ground related housing - and that this is largely responsible for increased housing prices in the Greater Golden Horseshoe.  

Repetition of such claims in the absence of the real and complete facts has seemingly led to their acceptance - not only in individuals and the public - but also in the financial and real estate sectors, certain academic institutions and the federal government.  

The claims that the plans are constraining the supply of land and ground-related housing are ill-founded.

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