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Town meeting economic targets

Town meeting economic targets 26 May 2017

Town meeting economic targets

Oakville attracts new jobs, commercial development

Several companies opened their doors in Oakville in 2016, helping it exceed its target of adding 1,000 new jobs every year.

The Town of Oakville is also expected to surpass the goal next year once Aviva Canada, a property and casualty insurance group, consolidates its operations in January 2018 with a new office, expected to bring approximately 800 jobs to Oakville.

The findings were highlighted in an April 25 economic development report, presented to and approved by council on Monday, May 15.

MPs Oliver and Bains announce more jobs for Oakville at Ford

MPs Oliver and Bains announce more jobs for Oakville at Ford 30 March 2017

MPs Oliver and Bains announce more jobs for Oakville at Ford

Automotive research and engineering centre coming to Oakville

Oakville has been selected as the location of one of three new Connectivity and Innovation Centres (CIC), as part of the federal government’s $102.4 million investment to the Ford Motor Company of Canada.

Auto mayors want auto sector saved from TPP

Auto mayors want auto sector saved from TPP 29 October 2015

Auto mayors want auto sector saved from TPP

Fresh discontent is surfacing over the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal that Canada signed in the dying days of Stephen Harper’s government – uneasiness that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals must confront as the job of ratifying the accord falls to them.

Mayors representing 20 Ontario cities, from Oshawa to Windsor, with a significant number of auto-sector jobs on Wednesday called on Mr. Trudeau, the prime-minister-designate, to protect their industry from being sideswiped by the TPP, the largest trade deal Canada has ever undertaken.

The TPP agreement reached on Oct. 5 by Canada and 11 other Pacific Rim countries would eliminate Canadian tariffs on Japanese vehicles and make it easier for manufacturers to use offshore parts in cars. It would be a boon for low-wage Asian suppliers of parts, but a challenge for Canadian firms.

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