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Published on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Peter Longo is Oakville's new Ward 4 councillor

Longo chosen from 16 candidates who addressed council May 7

Peter Longo is Oakville's new Ward 4 councillor
David Lea/Metroland photo
Councillor Peter Longo
By David Lea, Oakville Beaver

Local business leader Peter Longo will serve as Oakville’s Ward 4 town councillor until the end of the current term of council on Nov. 30.

Longo, who resides in Ward 4, was appointed to the position during a special council meeting, which was held to fill the vacancy on May 7.

He will also serve on the town’s administrative services committee.

Council heard from 16 candidates who each had five minutes to make their case as to why they should be chosen to fill the council seat.

“I’m honoured. There was quite a slate of people who were here — a cross section of Oakville. I completely believe in this community and am just overwhelmed.”

Peter Longo, Ward 4 town Councillor

Ultimately the job went to Longo who received votes from seven of the 10 councillors present.

“I’m honoured,” said Longo.

“There was quite a slate of people who were here — a cross section of Oakville. I completely believe in this community and am just overwhelmed.”

Longo is the current senior director for Strategic Sourcing and Logistics at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

He has 22 years of leadership experience in the health care, pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries.

Longo is also the current chair of the Halton Region natural heritage advisory committee, past chair of the regional ecological and environmental advisory committee and was a member of the stakeholder advisory committee for Official Plan Amendment 198, which laid the groundwork for Oakville’s Natural Heritage System.

He holds a masters in environmental studies (MES) and environmental planning from York University.

During his allotted five minutes Longo spoke to council about why he felt he was qualified for the council job.

“I am aligned with council’s determination to protect and maintain a vibrant community with good fiscal management to provide important community services for all,” he said.

“I bring a balanced perspective on issues. I am a fair and effective decision maker and my career advancements show and indicate this.”

Longo noted he has been using his planning background since 2002 to help with the preservation of green space in north Oakville.

He said recently he has added his voice to those on the Save Glen Abbey Coalition who are fighting plans by ClubLink to develop the Glen Abbey Golf Course.

Longo said he knows the importance of wisely spending taxpayer dollars to get the best results and pledged council would find him to be a person who both listens and communicates carefully and someone who is perceptive, respectful, approachable, fair, patient and consistent with all.

Council also heard from 15 other candidates including Lee Conley, Joel Dart, Rohit Dhamija, David Haslam, Hart Jansson, Peter MacFarlane, Cheryle McCullagh, Adrian Paris, Sushila Pereira, Gerald Popp, Jordan Rosenberg, Christopher Saunders, Adnan Shahbaz, Oliver Vadas and Bob Vaudry.

The hopefuls included a former chair of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce (Popp), numerous business leaders and entrepreneurs, and dedicated volunteers.

The appointment was held to fill a vacancy on council, which was created by the sudden resignation of former councillor Roger Lapworth.

Lapworth resigned March 29 citing personal reasons.

Given that a municipal election will be held Oct. 22 the town’s bylaws prohibited a byelection and prevented the seat from simply being left vacant.

Council voted to fill the vacancy through appointment on April 3.

With the vote complete and Longo emerging the victor, he was sworn in and immediately took his seat on council.

“Councillor Longo, please accept my best wishes as you help govern the Town of Oakville over the remainder this term of council,” said Oakville Mayor Rob Burton.

“I salute the community. Our community benefits from the incredible wealth of experience, knowledge, and intellect that you saw on display today. I would say to every one of the applicants — you should get involved and continue to help us make this town Canada’s most livable town. I salute every one of you.”

Longo said he has yet to decide whether he will run for office in the coming municipal election.
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Author: Mayor Rob Burton

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