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Published on Monday, January 15, 2018

CHCH interviews Mayor Burton

Annual 'Meet the Mayor' interview

CHCH interviews Mayor Burton
Bob Cowan and Mayor Rob Burton
Bob Cowan of CHCH TV interviews Mayor Rob Burton about the year ahead in Oakville. (You can watch the entire four-minute interview by clicking the video below the following summary of the interview).

Bob asks Mayor Burton about his decision to run for re-election, his opposition to the development of the Glen Abbey golf course, the Province's decision to put a marijuana store in Oakville, housing affordability, why Mayor Burton says growth is the #1 issue, and the trend in home prices.
  • Re-election — The mayor says he chose a home overlooking Glen Abbey for his re-election announcement, to symbolize his commitment to preserving Glen Abbey.
  • Glen Abbey — The staff report recommending refusal of the development application on Glen Abbey is easy to read and understand, the mayor says, recommending everyone should read it. (Here's a link to download it: Glen Abbey Refusal Report).
  • Marijuana — In the Canadian system of government, the municipalities don't get to dictate to the province or the country - so Oakville will hold the Province to its promises to keep any store away from schools and residential areas and near good transit.
  • Housing affordability — Oakville is a full community, with people from all walks of life, the mayor says. "There's room for everyone in Oakville," the mayor said.
  • Growth the #1 issue — A Provincial policy says Ontario communities can't use growth to improve themselves, the mayor explains, so it's just as bad to grow as to lose population. Both cause higher taxes.
  • Home prices — The volume seems to be down and prices are still up, the mayor says.
  • Next interview — Bob says he'll have Mayor Burton back next year.

    After a short advertisement, the interview plays:


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