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Published on Thursday, January 4, 2018

Oakville chamber has provincial election issues

'Vote Prosperity' campaign calls for reinstatement of scheduled corporate tax reductions, increases in density and housing

Oakville chamber has provincial election issues
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The 2018 provincial election may not be until June, but the Oakville business community is already stating what they would like to see from the political parties.

Late last year, the Oakville Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Ontario chamber released Vote Prosperity, a platform and campaign outlining the Ontario business community’s priorities for the upcoming 2018 provincial election.

The campaign lists a series of recommendations, which the chambers say all political parties should adopt to ensure growth for the province’s economy.

“Small businesses are the backbone of Oakville’s economy; they support working families in our local community and across the province, and that’s why candidates from every party in every community will become familiar with Vote Prosperity,” said John Sawyer, president of the Oakville Chamber.

“Ontario’s business community is prepared to be bold and with Vote Prosperity we are seeking to motivate our political leaders to follow," said Oakville Chamber President John Sawyer. “Ontario’s business community is prepared to be bold, and with Vote Prosperity, we are seeking to motivate our political leaders to follow.”"Ontario’s business community is prepared to be bold, and with Vote Prosperity, we are seeking to motivate our political leaders to follow."

— Chamber president

Vote Prosperity is based on four pillars, which are:

• Strengthening business competitiveness — Rising input costs, especially those costs deriving from government regulation and policy, are the most common and acute concern of the business community in Ontario.

• Fostering job creation — A robust labour market consisting of good jobs is essential to prosperity for all Ontarians.

• Building healthy communities — Building strong communities through adequate and affordable housing, sustainable health care and good infrastructure also supports business prosperity and growth, which supports these communities.

• Improving government accountability — Poor implementation of government initiatives can result in resource waste, political frustration and disruption for ordinary citizens.

“Ontario businesses have made it clear that the ever-rising costs of doing business from all levels of government has hindered their ability to prosper and grow,” said Karl Baldauf, vice-president of policy and government relations with the Ontario chamber.

“Our objective is to achieve coherent, comprehensive pro-growth policies from all political parties. Our recommendations provide a prosperous path forward, because when you vote for prosperity, Ontario wins.”

Vote Prosperity provides 18 unique recommendations intended to help bolster Ontario’s long-term economic future, while addressing some of the pressing issues Ontario faces.

These recommendations include:

• Reinstating scheduled reductions in the corporate income tax, standardizing the business education tax and reducing the employer health tax.

• Conducting and publishing the results for a comprehensive review of the electricity sector, including an objective economic impact analysis assessing the full range of inputs that make up the global adjustment (GA), and then pursuing cost-reducing measures based on the results.

• Focusing on strategic growth policies by ensuring that land use planning and development regulations are aligned, to increase density and create more housing stock.

• Creating a meaningful plan to tackle the debt and move toward balanced or surplus budgets.

Over the coming months, ahead of the 2018 election, the Ontario chamber network will be voicing the concerns and recommendations outlined in Vote Prosperity with political parties and local MPPs and candidates.

During the election, local chambers will be hosting debates where Vote Prosperity will be the primary focus of discussion.

For more information about Vote Prosperity, visit
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Author: Mayor Rob Burton

Categories: News

Tags: Growth , election



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