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Published on Monday, December 18, 2017

Cannabis store coming to town

Province also announces store for Burlington, Mississauga

Cannabis store coming to town
Cannibis plant example
Oakville Beaver file photo
One or more cannabis stores are scheduled to be up and running in Oakville within the next six months.

The Ministry of Finance and the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) announced earlier this month that Oakville has been selected as one of 40 municipalities to have one or more standalone retail cannabis stores by July 2018.

The announcement comes as Ontario prepares for the federal government’s plan to legalize cannabis.

“The Town of Oakville supports a public sector operating model for the sale of cannabis,” said Oakville Mayor Rob Burton when asked for his thoughts on the store’s impending arrival.

No specific location has been identified for this store or stores, however, Burton said the town’s preference is to identify sites within commercial districts.

“The LCBO will be meeting with town staff to ensure that local community interests are taken into consideration when selecting specific store sites prior to any decision,” said Burton.

“General provincial guidelines for siting specify that potential stores must: adhere to municipal bylaws; minimize proximity of sites to nearby schools and other sensitive use areas such as community centres; ensure equitable access for consumers within municipalities; combat illegal storefront activity; and consider any other input provided by municipalities.”

The province noted in a press release that once the LCBO has identified a prospective store site a notice will be posted online and at the location to let the public know.

Before any decisions are made, there will be an opportunity for the public to ask questions and provide feedback on the proposed location.

Under this proposed approach, approximately 150 standalone stores will be opened across Ontario by 2020, including 40 stores by July 2018, rising to 80 by July 2019.

Online distribution will also be available to service all regions of the province.

The government says it will evaluate how this approach is working throughout the rollout to ensure that the goals of safe, responsible sales of cannabis and elimination of the illegal market are achieved.

Some of the other cities also getting cannabis stores include: Burlington, Guelph, Hamilton, Kitchener, Oshawa, London, Toronto, Vaughan, Oshawa, Ottawa, Mississauga and Niagara Falls.

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Author: Mayor Rob Burton

Categories: News

Tags: Oakville Town Council



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