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Published on Monday, October 2, 2017

Rob Burton will seek 4th term as mayor

“It is a joy to be part of a winning team like this. As a coach I always believe in keeping a winning team together," Mayor says

Rob Burton will seek 4th term as mayor
- David Lea/Metroland Media
Rob Burton, joined by his wife Wendy and members of Oakville council including Ray Chisholm and Tom Adams, announces he will seek reelection in 2018
By David Lea, Oakville Beaver

Rob Burton will seek a fourth term as mayor of Oakville.

The local politician announced this morning (Oct. 2) he would be seeking re-election in the October 2018 municipal election.

The long-time mayor of Oakville made the announcement at the home of a supporter on Golfview Court — overlooking Glen Abbey Golf Course, which has been the subject of much attention lately.

Last week, Oakville Town Council voted unanimously to refuse property owner ClubLink’s proposal to build more than 3,220 residential units on the site.

In a short speech, Burton talked about how there is much work that still needs to be done in Oakville and said he would like to continue to work with Town council, Regional Chair Gary Carr and Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn to see it done.

“All together, we’ve achieved so much for this town we all love. I believe in this team. Oakville needs this team to defend the Glen Abbey decision. Oakville needs this team to defend our Livable Oakville Plan from attack. Oakville needs this team for our new community facilities, our ongoing infrastructure and roads upgrades and tax control,” said Burton.

Carr, should he decide to stand for re-election, would do so in the October 2018 municipal election.

Meanwhile, provincial representative, Flynn, would, should he choose to do so, be seeking re-election in June 2018.

“It is a joy to be part of a winning team like this. As a coach I always believe in keeping a winning team together.”

The fourth term hopeful for the job of mayor at Town Hall said he continues to feel being mayor allows him to do the most good for Oakville.

He noted his goal continues to be to protect Oakville’s future as ‘Canada’s most livable town.’

When asked about making this announcement so close to Glen Abbey Golf Course, Burton noted in addition to many people calling the area “the heart of Oakville” during the recent development application hearing, it geographically is the centre of Oakville.

So, making the announcement to seek re-election from Oakville’s centre, just made sense, he said.

While Burton said he has about eight years worth of projects he would like to see through to completion, he declined to say how long he would try to hold onto Oakville’s top job noting he would take it one term at a time.

“My doctor tells me she can’t find anything wrong with me,” Burton joked.

“I hope Oakville’s voters will have the same opinion of me and the team. In the 2018 municipal election I will seek reelection as your mayor.”

Rob Burton was first elected Oakville’s mayor in 2006.

During his time in office, he has helped pass such major pieces of legislation as the Health Protection Air Quality Bylaw, the Town Energy Management Plan, the new official plans Livable Oakville and Sustainable Halton, the Emerald Ash Borer Program, the Oakville Climate Change Adaptation Plan and the North Oakville Urban Forest Strategic Management Plan.

Burton is a member of the Compact of Mayors, and chairs the Ontario Auto Mayors Caucus, the Halton Police Services Board, and the Canadian Nuclear Technology Mayors Association.

He and his wife Wendy have lived in Oakville since 1994.
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Author: Mayor Rob Burton

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