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Published on Thursday, September 7, 2017

Staff Glen Abbey report Sept. 15

Special Council meeting at 7 pm Sept. 26 to decide on ClubLink application

Staff Glen Abbey report Sept. 15
By Oakville Mayor Rob Burton

Town Planning Staff will publish their Recommendation Report on ClubLink's application to develop the Glen Abbey Golf Course Friday, September 15.

Council will consider the Recommendation Report at a Special Meeting at 7 pm, Tuesday, Sept. 26.

The Recommendation Report will be at this link from Friday, Sept. 15 onward:

Members of the public with views for and against the application by ClubLink are welcome to provide their views to council either before or at the special council meeting at 7 p.m. September 26th when Council will consider the application.

The application seeks to add 3,222 new homes for an estimated 6,344 residents and 121,000 square feet of commercial space on a little less than half (105.6 acres) of the famous Glen Abbey Golf Course. The total size of Glen Abbey Golf Course is 229.6 acres.

The application proposes to dedicate more than half (124 acres) of the golf course to a mix of protected greenspace and public open space uses.

The application in all its parts can be read at this link: and also at the applicant’s link here: The applicant’s website has not been updated since March 28, so you may find the most up to date information at the link to the Town website.

To date, there have been several important steps and decisions:
  • Council initiated an Interim Control Bylaw in January 2016 that was appealed by ClubLink and upheld by the Ontario Municipal Board. The bylaw essentially freezes uses of the golf course to those in effect when it was passed.
  • Council identified the Glen Abbey Golf Course as a significant cultural heritage landscape in May of this year after initiating the necessary policies for this work in 2009 when the Livable Oakville plan was adopted.
  • In August, Council passed a Notice of Intent to Designate the property with a view of establishing measures to conserve the significant cultural heritage landscape attributes identified in the study authorized by Council for that purpose. The Town has provided ClubLink a draft of a management plan to conserve heritage attributes while permitting on-going operation of the golf course.
At the special meeting of Council at 7 pm Sept. 26 to consider the ClubLink development application, Council will have a report from its planning staff recommending a decision for or against the application. Council values public input as a part of the process which is prescribed by the Ontario Planning Act for dealing with land use applications.

You can provide comments by email to, by letter to Clerk, Town of Oakville, 1225 Trafalgar Road, Oakville, ON L6H 0H3, or in person at the special council meeting.
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Author: Mayor Rob Burton

Categories: News

Tags: Ontario Municipal Board , ClubLink , greenspace , Glen Abbey Golf Course



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