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Published on Thursday, July 27, 2017

Save Glen Abbey group strikes while irons are hot

Targeting cars at Open for leaflets against development bid

Save Glen Abbey group strikes while irons are hot
Staff prepare Glen Abbey Golf Course for RBC Canadian Open
- Photo by Graham Paine, Oakville Beaver Staff
By David Lea, Oakville Beaver

With the Canadian Open now in full swing, Save Glen Abbey is working hard to bring its message of saving the famed golf course from development to the 100,000 people in attendance.

The citizens’ group opposes plans by the owner, ClubLink, to develop the property into 3,222 residential units, including nine apartment buildings ranging from nine to 12 storeys.

While density and traffic have been the main concerns raised about the proposal, others are upset about the potential loss of what they see as a Canadian icon, which is located in Oakville.

Save Glen Abbey spokesperson Fraser Damoff said Glen Abbey Golf Course is of massive importance to the town’s economic and cultural identity.

The group will attempt to convey this attitude by placing flyers on cars parked at the various Canadian Open parking lots this weekend.

They are also encouraging residents, especially those living near Glen Abbey Golf Course, to purchase Save Glen Abbey lawn signs.

At the moment the group has made 400 signs, 200 of which have already been purchased.

Other connections with Canadian Open attendees will be made at the Open itself.

“For any of us at the Open, we are just going to be trying to talk to people to let them know that there are plans to get rid of the course,” said Damoff.

“We have committed to Golf Canada that we will not be disruptive.”

Damoff said he is not trying to get people to boycott the Open. On the contrary, he said he hopes it is the most well-attended Open ever. He hopes those attending will be allies.

What the group is trying to do, he said, is spread the word about the development plan and increase support for stopping it.

“The Open brings people in from all over Ontario and all over the world. It is important they know there is vehement local opposition to this plan,” said Damoff. “We’re hoping the passion we’ve had in fighting this will spread to these other folks who are big fans of the golfing sport. We’re hoping they will take this on themselves and let ClubLink know they are opposed to this as well.”

Damoff is also hopeful the attendees will sign the group’s petition to save Glen Abbey Golf Course.

He said the petition currently has more than 6,000 signatures.

Contacting their elected representatives, both local and provincial, and letting them know that they want this golf course protected is another response Damoff hopes Open attendees will have.

“We’re really hoping people will come to the Open, enjoy themselves so much, and then return to their cars, see our flyers and see Glen Abbey is in danger of being destroyed,” said Damoff.

“We want to spark some new passion, which can be directed into ways to save this course.”

A special meeting of the town’s planning and development council is scheduled for Sept. 26 to consider the Glen Abbey development applications.

For more information about Save Glen Abbey, visit

For more information about the Glen Abbey Golf Course development proposal, visit

Special Note
On Glen Abbey, Council made decisions in May and June of which the Oakville Beaver story does not seem to be aware:

• May 15, 2017 Council recognized Glen Abbey Golf Course as a significant cultural heritage landscape. Staff will report back to Council later this summer on specific recommendations for potential measures to safeguard the property.

• June 12, 2017 The draft urban structure review that looked at how the town will accommodate required growth to 2041, and draft official plan amendments presented to Council. Final amendments will be brought forward to Council this fall for approval.

The Glen Abbey Golf Course is caught up in a multi-year process. You will find the latest information is always here: Town of Oakville Glen Abbey Information
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Author: Mayor Rob Burton

Categories: News

Tags: Growth , ClubLink , Glen Abbey Golf Course , Canadian Open



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