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Published on Thursday, July 6, 2017

OMB issues Saw-Whet decision approving settlement

OMB approves development of former Saw-Whet Golf Course lands

OMB issues Saw-Whet decision approving settlement
Bronte Green subdivision concept map
Oakville Communications Department

The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has released its decision formally approving the negotiated settlement that was reached between the Town of Oakville, the Region of Halton, Conservation Halton and Bronte Green last fall concerning the development of the lands at 1401 Bronte Road.

“The OMB’s decision to approve the town’s settlement with Bronte Green was the best possible outcome that we could achieve at the OMB,” Mayor Burton said.

“In the settlement, Bronte Green agreed to significant concessions to respond to all of the issues raised by the town including protecting green space and addressing key environmental concerns over wildlife and flood protection. While it would have been desirable to preserve all this land, legally that was simply not possible in this case.”

The approved development proposal permits Bronte Green to build a residential community with limited retail, and a mix of single family homes, townhouses and low-rise apartments located on Bronte Road. This transit-friendly community will also include a school, parks and a trail system while preserving sensitive environmental lands that are critical habitat to endangered and other species of wildlife.

The town had opposed the original Bronte Green application as being premature and not in the public interest. This position was based on serious concerns with the draft plan and the underlying technical studies. The town engaged a team of 15 witnesses representing a variety of scientific and planning disciplines to put forth its case.

Following extensive negotiations, Bronte Green made significant changes to its original development proposal to reflect the concerns raised by the Town of Oakville, Region of Halton, Conservation Halton and the community. These changes included:

  • Dedicating a significant parcel of land to enhance the woodlands
  • Creating a high-value habitat for species including snapping turtles.
  • Increasing the size of the buffer around the natural features from 10 to 30 metres in order to better protect the natural heritage system from the impacts of development and to reduce flood and erosion impacts.
  • Constructing storm water management systems which insure that there will be no additional risk of downstream flooding.
  • Removing the vehicular bridge previously proposed over the Fourteen Mile Creek which posed a threat to endangered species of fish.
  • Securing a permanent natural heritage linkage to Bronte Creek Provincial Park.
  • Reserving an elementary school site adjacent to a centrally located neighbourhood park.
  • Increasing density on portions of the site to support transit-friendly development along Bronte Road, and preserve more parkland

For more information visit the Bronte Green Corporation development application page.
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Author: Mayor Rob Burton

Categories: News

Tags: Ontario Municipal Board , Saw-Whet Golf Course



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