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Published on Wednesday, July 5, 2017

AVL technology improves services for residents

Staff report lists many ways Automatic Vehicle Locating works

AVL technology improves services for residents
AVL keeps buses closer to schedule
By Nathan Howes, Oakville Beaver

Oakville residents relying on the town’s services for transportation, emergencies and public works are seeing a significant improvement, thanks to Automatic Vehicle Locators (AVL).

That’s according to staff, who provided council with an update on the technological enhancements during a presentation made at the Monday, June 26 meeting.

AVL are devices that work with GPS and a wireless radio system to transmit information about a vehicle’s current location.

It’s a powerful tool that helps the town manage fleets of vehicles and ensure service levels are being met, stated a media release.

Using AVL, the Town of Oakville can pinpoint the exact location of its buses, public works vehicles and fire trucks in real-time, which has resulting in significant service improvements for residents.

“In today’s digitally-driven world, municipal governments have to constantly evolve to continue providing high-quality services to our residents,” said Mayor Rob Burton. “AVL technology is helping the town provide citizens with on-demand information, tools and services they can easily access from their mobile devices.”

For Oakville Transit customers, AVL technology allows them to track their bus in real-time from their computer or mobile phone, so they can know exactly when it will arrive at their stop.

Digital signs on-board buses and automated voice announcements advising customers of next stop information are also features made possible by the technology.

It is also helping the Roads and Works department to provide better communication to residents about snow-clearing.

Residents can now track the progress of plows in real-time as they clear roads by using the PlowOakville online tool.

Staff also use AVL to accurately monitor and track the amount of salt the town’s trucks distribute on the roads.

AVL and GPS technology is also helping the Oakville Fire Department reduce response times and get to the scene of an emergency sooner.

When a fire crew is dispatched, they can now access the call information from a tablet device within the fire truck.

“In an emergency situation, every second counts and this technology gives our crews the most accurate, up-to-date mapping information available so they can respond as quickly as possible,” said fire Chief Brian Durdin.

Other new technological initiatives from the town include a new pay-by-phone mobile app for municipal parking lots and a mobile-friendly update to coming this month.

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Author: Mayor Rob Burton

Categories: News




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