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Published on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Birds oblivious to Oakville traffic and passersby

Bizarre to observers, birds are OK

Birds oblivious to Oakville traffic and passersby
Pigeons oblivious to Oakville traffic and passersby
Two pigeons have been sitting on the Rebecca Street bridge for days and appear unable to leave — not even when photographed or with dogs walking past. — Nikki Wesley/Metroland
By Nathan Howes, Oakville Beaver

A pair of birds seen atop the railing of the Rebecca Street bridge in Oakville for several days — and oddly oblivious to passersby — appear, nevertheless, to be in good health.

That is according to the Oakville and Milton Humane Society (OMHS), which sent an animal control officer to the scene after the Oakville Beaver received a phone call Tuesday, June 13 regarding the birds’ condition.

An Oakville resident expressed concern over the birds’ health after noticing them perched atop the bridge railing on Rebecca Street — between Navy and Forsythe streets — for multiple days.

The control officer spotted the birds below the bridge on a supporting beam, closer to Navy Street, in a different location than originally photographed by the Beaver.

The birds quickly flew back on top of the railing and approached the officer, according to OMHS.

They appeared to be “habituated” to pedestrians, who may be feeding them.

The official told the Beaver they were able to get the birds to fly to different locations, and after examining their legs and wings, determined they are healthy and there is no concern for their safety.

“The body weight is healthy, both of them are able to fly. I was able to look at their legs and feet…everything looks fine,” said the OMHS officer.

While a nest wasn’t seen, it was suggested the birds could be hanging out on the bridge because they’ve been fed by people near the lake and/or are getting ready to nest in the coming weeks and are looking for a suitable site nearby.

Estimated age and sex of the birds isn’t known.

And while the birds were initially reported to be doves, the OMHS contacted the Beaver the day after tracking down the birds to confirm they are pigeons.
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Author: Mayor Rob Burton

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