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Published on Friday, May 26, 2017

Record high water flooding low areas

Oakville lakeshore continues to be pummelled by Lake Ontario waters

Record high water flooding low areas
Flooding defeats sandbagging
The road leading into Shipyard Park is underwater despite the sandbagging attempt to hold the lake back. With the roadway submerged there's little chance the 'No Parking' tow zone will be enforced anytime soon. — Graham Paine, Oakville Beaver
Oakville Beaver

Oakville's Coronation Park is now totally fenced off, as the park is closed due to the ongoing flooding and Lake Ontario wave action eroding the shoreline. The Town took the step of fencing off the park as some residents were not heeding the caution tape around the park and staying out. Halton police are patrolling to ensure compliance in the interest of public safety. - Graham Paine, Oakville Beaver

High water levels and Lake Ontario wave action continue to batter the Oakville shoreline and the local marinas.

At the Oakville Yacht Squadron (OYS) headquarters at Oakville Harbour, the club continues to try to shore up its grounds, building walls using more than 400 sandbags and, over the past week, dumping close to 100 tons of gravel around its clubhouse yard in an attempt to stave off the lake waters.

On Thursday, despite the club’s best efforts, the lake surge flooded another 30 feet past where crews had sandbagged and placed the new gravel.

Harbourmaster Bill Richards donned rubber boots as he surveyed the flooded area around the OYS’ clubhouse and the tons of new gravel that now sit partially-submerged.

In fact, the roadway leading into the area where the clubhouse sits, accessing Shipyard Park, is under water. No parking signs are precariously emerging from water instead of the roadway.

Opposite the OYS clubhouse, Water Street, on the east side of Sixteen Mile Creek has also been cordoned and the street has areas of ponding.

Besides harbours and piers being closed in Oakville and Bronte, elsewhere along the lakeshore, officials have closed parks, including Coronation Park.

While Town officials were having a hard time keeping people out of the parks, fencing was erected around Coronation Park Thursday, May 25.

On Friday (May 26) Halton Regional Police in Oakville were tweeting to ask people to respect the Town of Oakville park closures and reminding people that “entering an enclosed area can result in charges.”

Officers also tweeted that patrols would be “ensuring compliance in the interest of public safety.”
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Author: Mayor Rob Burton

Categories: News




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