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Published on Thursday, March 30, 2017

Loraxian Opens Global Headquarters in Oakville

Company building on joint venture with SAS Sunrise

Loraxian Opens Global Headquarters in Oakville
Loraxian is a rising leader of energy and infrastructure solutions
Loraxian specializes in renewable energy production, infrastructure and energy conservation
OAKVILLE, ON, March 30, 2017 /CNW/ - Building on its recent joint venture with SAS Sunrise, Loraxian today opened the doors on its new global renewable energy headquarters in Oakville, where it will employ senior level project management specialists to oversee operations around the world.

"It is good to be home," said Roland Kielbasiewicz, Founder and CEO of Loraxian, referring to his Canadian roots. "We could have located this key office almost anywhere in the world, but the conditions are right to be here in Ontario." Kielbasiewicz explained that Ontario is blessed with an abundance of trained renewable energy professionals due to the commitment of the Ontario government over the past decade to solar and wind power generation. "The knowledge, skills and experience that have been fostered in Ontario are marketable commodities in nations with rapidly emerging next generation renewable sectors," he said.

Loraxian intends to recruit more than 50 new senior level specialized employees for its Oakville location in the coming year. This highly skilled team will manage projects around the world, including its joint venture with SAS Sunrise in Southeast Asia, and new projects that are soon to come online.

Loraxian, an Ontario-based corporation, is a rising leader of energy and infrastructure solutions. Specializing in renewable energy production, infrastructure and energy conservation, the company can meet the needs of large and small scale projects utilizing its propriety project management system, which consistently delivers on time and below budget for its partners.


"Council is pleased to welcome Loraxian and looks forward to welcoming the skilled workers as they settle into Oakville. It is tremendous to see yet another worldwide innovator make Oakville their home."
Rob Burton
Mayor of Oakville

"Ontario is fortunate to be home to many innovators in the energy sector, such as companies like Loraxian. Their success further strengthens Ontario's leading clean energy sector and shows that we are ready to thrive in today's low-carbon economy."
Glenn Thibeault
Minister of Energy

"Loraxian is one of the many innovative companies that has chosen Oakville for its global headquarters. As Ontario continues to build its strong international reputation in the renewable energy sector, Loraxian will be a key player in this arena and a shining example of why Oakville and Ontario are great places to establish a business."
Kevin Flynn
Member of Provincial Parliament for Oakville

"I am pleased to welcome Loraxian to our community of Oakville. Our government is committed to continual environmental stewardship through the use of renewable energy. I applaud Loraxian's intention to hire 50 specialized positions, which will contribute towards long-term economic growth and environmental stability in our community."
John Oliver
Member of Parliament for Oakville

For further information: Media Contacts: Cary Kokkonen, Chief Marketing Officer, Loraxian Inc., 2630 Bristol Circle, Suite 600, Oakville, Ontario L6H 6Z7, 1-800-594-1365 ext.1246,
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Author: Mayor Rob Burton

Categories: News




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