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Published on Thursday, April 6, 2017

Town awaits OMB decison on Glen Abbey

Second OMB hearing held on Oakville Glen Abbey development

Town awaits OMB decison on Glen Abbey
Second OMB hearing held on Oakville Glen Abbey development
Metroland Media
By Nathan Howes, Oakville Beaver
Hot on the heels of the interim control bylaw hearing, the Town of Oakville and ClubLink went before the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) again Tuesday, March 28.

This time, a motion was dealing with ClubLink’s development application for Glen Abbey golf course — an application the Town deemed incomplete last December.

In November 2016, ClubLink filed an application to redevelop the golf course property into 3,222 residential units, 121,000 sq. ft. of new commercial space and about 124 acres of permanent, publicly accessible green space.

But before processing it, the Town stated it needed more time to complete three studies – Urban Structure Review, Land Use Economic and Impact Analysis study and the Cultural Heritage Landscape assessment of the golf course – and thus, considered ClubLink’s application incomplete, resulting in an appeal by the property owners.

The interim control bylaw OMB hearing was an eight-day session in January. It dealt with the Town’s interim control bylaw to temporarily block development of the Glen Abbey lands, originally enacted Feb. 1, 2016 for one year.

Oakville council then extended it in November until Jan. 31, 2018.

ClubLink appealed to the OMB, as well as appealing the fees for processing the application.

Decisions on the first two appeals are yet to be made and a date to discuss the applications fees hasn’t been set by the OMB.

At Tuesday’s motion, the board heard ClubLink’s arguments on evidence it felt proved it provided all the necessary information required for a complete application it submitted on Nov. 10, 2016, as set out in the Planning Act.

The Town, however, charged it did not, claiming the property owners knew what was required for the application beforehand, including the three studies, as discussed in pre-consultation meetings.

Submissions on evidence and witness affidavits for ClubLink was handled by Mark R. Flowers, of Davies Howe Partners LLP, who also represented ClubLink during the interim control bylaw hearing.

The Town was represented by Robert Howe, of Goodmans LLP.
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Author: Mayor Rob Burton

Categories: News

Tags: Ontario Municipal Board , ClubLink



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