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Published on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What Oakville’s mayor and councillors earned in 2016

Information publicly released last week

What Oakville’s mayor and councillors earned in 2016
Mayor Rob Burton
Metroland Media
By Nathan Howes, Oakville Beaver
In 2016, Oakville Mayor Rob Burton earned $158,991.42 while Town councillors took home anywhere from $41,531 to $66,291.74 (expenses included).

The salaries of Oakville’s mayor and council members were publicly-released last week.

That report, highlighting their yearly revenue including expenses claimed, went before Town Council Monday, April 3.

According to the document, Burton earned $148,812.95 in salaries and benefits, claimed $1,178.47 in expenses for community outreach and professional development and given $9,000 for leasing a vehicle, for a total income of $158,991.42.

Among the expenditures claimed was $689.29 for IT, $120 for a Christmas party (two tickets purchased, he couldn’t attend), $78.16 for Town marketing merchandise and $70 for a ticket to an Optimist Club of Oakville event.

Most of the Town councillors earned incomes in the low to mid-$60,000 range, with the highest being $66,291.74 (expenses included) for Ward 1’s Sean O’Meara.

He claimed the second-highest amount in expenses, which totalled $2,948.78, for items such as $300 for an Oakville and Milton Humane Society gala, $559.68 total for Snap’d advertising, $200 for Eastview Public School yearbook advertising and $150 for a Halton Women’s Place event.

Ray Chisholm earned the least amount among the Town councillors, taking in $41,531.25, including $892.75 in expenses – the second lowest figure.

The Ward 2 councillor’s claims included $372.50 for a West River Residents’ Association outdoor movie night, $197. 50 for a 2016 Kerrfest banner and Snap’d advertising totalling $282.50.

Ward 1 Town Councillor Ralph Robinson made $58,150.94, including $3,186.29 for expenses, the highest amount in 2016.

He claimed for items such as Snap’d advertising totalling $966.72, Bronte Village advertising equalling $661.45, $259.50 in Lakeshore Woods advertising, $200 for Eastview School council and $200 for Bronte Historical Society fundraising program.

Ward 5 Town Councillor Marc Grant earned $62,422.13 including $466.65, the lowest amount of expenses, for items such as $300 for a Halton Women’s Place event.

Ward 3 Regional & Town Councillor Dave Gittings took in $65,269.49 including $2,030.43 for expenses.

He billed for costs such as $550 total for Maple Valley Community Ice Rink time, $150 for the Joshua Creek Residents’ Association annual general meeting and $128.67 for Clearview Residents Association Earth Cleanup Day.

Ward 6 Regional & Town Councillor Tom Adams earned $68,888.71 including $1,549.65 in expenses for items including $380 for Northeast Oakville Fair sponsorship, $267.89 in Ward 6 drop-in advertisements and total mileage of $302.18.

Ward 2 Town & Regional Councillor Cathy Duddeck made $64,928.01 including $1,588.95 for expenses such as $372.50 for West River Residents’ Association movies night, $410.58 for Family Day event permit, $127.20 for Snap’d advertising and $197.50 for 2016 Kerrfest banner.

Ward 4 Town and Regional Councillor Allan Elgar took in $64,853.54 including $1,623.34 for expenses such as $565 for website construction and content transfer, $528.88 for communication software and Municipal World subscriptions for $224.21.

Ward 3 Town Councillor Nick Hutchins made $63,053.23 including $1,211.50 for expenses including $504.58 for IT and $306.92 in mileage.

Ward 5 Town and Regional Councillor Jeff Knoll took home $64,883.71 including $1,544.55 in expenses for $431.46 for Trafalgar Township Historical Society sponsorship, $410.23 for signs, barricades and cones for the Oak Park Fall Fair and $396.86 for IT costs for IVR calls for the Oak Park Fall Fair.

Ward 4 Town Councillor Roger Lapworth earned $56,417.26 including $1,447.04 in expenses for items such as $600 for a 10th anniversary on Council community event and $407.04 for an AMCTO (municipal managementadministration group) training session.

Ward 6 Town and Regional Councillor Natalia Lishchyna took in $60,858.69 including $2,668.70 in expenses for items such as $407.04 for an AMCTO (municipal managementadministration group) training session, $380 for Northeast Oakville Fair sponsorship, $152.12 for a Family Day greeting in the Oakville Beaver, $282.50 for a Remembrance Day message in Snap’d and $169.50 for Christmas greetings in Snap’d.

Oakville council is comprised of the mayor, as well as six Town councillors and six TownRegional councillors.

Those councillors who were elected to sit on both Town and regional council also earn an annual stipend from Halton Region.

Those councillors include, Burton, as well as Sean O’Meara (Ward 1), Duddeck (Ward 2), Gittings (Ward 3), Elgar (Ward 4), Knoll (Ward 5) and Adams (Ward 6).
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Author: Mayor Rob Burton

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