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Published on Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Burton announces 2006 mayor run

OAKVILLE - Feb. 14, 2006 - Rob Burton figures nothing says "I love my town" like registering to run for its mayor.

Burton filed nomination papers Tuesday - Valentine's Day - in his second bid for the mayor's job. He was briefly declared first elected by and then defeated by 12 votes on election eve in 2003, and eventually was deemed to have lost by 28 votes after a court-ordered recount.

Burton says his platform will resemble his 2003 platform because the goals he outlined then are still unmet.

"I will be a mayor who loves Oakville enough to do the hard work of getting us the facilities we need, the green space we need and the right mix of business and residential development we need, without secret deals with developers," he said.

"When I look at the Oakville Beaver's editorial after the results of the last election, I am struck by the fact that not one single thing the Beaver said should be done has been done. We sent a message, as the editorial said, I agree, but it was ignored. This time, we'll have to work harder to win."

Burton said he also remains concerned about the amount of Town business that goes on behind closed doors. "This administration incorrectly believes that it has to meet in secret and it incorrectly and unnecessarily chooses to meet in secret on every available pretext. No good public business is ever conducted behind closed doors."

Burton has been active in civic affairs for the last 12 years as president of the 2200-home Joshua Creek Residents Association and executive director of Clear The Air Coalition Inc. which he co-founded in 2000 to fight the 880 MW Sithe power plant proposed for Winston Churchill Blvd. near 2 Oakville neighbourhoods. For the last 8 years he has been an active board member of Minor Oaks Hockey association, a coach and a convenor of his son's age group.

Burton also has been working with public power advocates to return the province to a system of public ownership to provide cheap, reliable power without wrecking neighborhoods. He is challenging North Oakville Management Inc.'s attempt to have its preferred development plan imposed on the Town at an ongoing Ontario Municipal Board hearing. He is also supporting Bronte residents' efforts to minimize development of the waterfront there, as called for in Oakville's Official Plan.

Burton's campaign can be reached at and 905-338-1200.
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