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Published on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Glen Abbey Conservation Plan Remarks

Conservation of cultural heritage landscapes is required by provincial laws

Glen Abbey Conservation Plan Remarks
Mayor Rob Burton
The work on tonight’s agenda has been underway for our town since 2009, when we unanimously adopted our Livable Oakville official plan. We involved our community in an intensive, extensive, two-year process of public consultation.

The night we adopted the Livable Oakville plan, one residents association leader said, “It feels so good to live in a town where the council listens to the people!”

That remark has motivated councils in Oakville ever since to keep our focus on the public interest in our decisions.

After the Province ordered changes and gave its official approval, we began implementation of the Livable Oakville official plan.

The Livable Oakville official plan has far-sighted policies and directions. One was to identify and conserve Oakville’s cultural heritage landscapes. To fulfill that direction, staff have completed three key studies with strong public input:
  • a town-wide urban structure review,
  • a cultural heritage landscape study, and
  • a land use and economic impact analysis
Our Residents Associations have continued to follow closely all amendments to the Plan and its related zoning by-laws, to ensure the key planning principles of our community - driven official plan are maintained.

Conserving the heritage assets of our community is a fundamental concern for our residents and their associations.

Our residents associations have been working with us over the past ten years on the development of the town’s cultural heritage strategy, and over the past two years on the study of potential cultural heritage landscapes across our community.

Last year, they all spoke in support of Council’s decision to declare Glen Abbey Golf Course Property a cultural heritage landscape after the assessment was completed.

Our residents, and we, recognize that equally important to tonight’s discussion is how these proposed amendments align with provincial policies and growth plans. Our 2009 Livable Oakville official plan picked up its Cultural Heritage Landscape direction and policies from the 2005 Provincial Policy Statement that guides municipalities in creating their official plans, among other things.

Our residents all over town have told me they are pleased to see a Conservation Plan that is simple and would permit the golf course to continue to host the Canadian Open, and conserves the important heritage value of the property.

For those reasons, our community leaders have told me they support the Conservation Plan and by-laws necessary to conserve what is, after all, the most significant cultural heritage landscape of Oakville.

I know from my monthly community leaders round table meetings they are pleased to see the town completing implementation of the cultural heritage landscapes strategy.

We have heard from the public and the other stakeholders. Staff have adjusted the measures before us tonight in response.

Now it is our role as members of Oakville Town Council to make our decision on the proposals before us.

(Council unanimously adopted the measures.)
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