We're creating Canada's most livable town

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Why Rob's running for re-election

As Mayor, Rob Burton says it's important to always remember to keep thinking about tomorrow

To keep Oakville on the right path

There’s too much at stake to change leadership now.

We are eight years into our present era of progress and achievement:

  • We have growth under control. The rate of growth before Rob became mayor was 50% higher.
  • We've saved thousands of square miles of green space.
  • Many of our long overdue facilities are now complete and active.
  • We have great plans to complete the rest of what we've been missing over the next few years.
  • We have property taxes under control - the average increase for the last four years has been well below the average inflation.
  • We have cut in half debt paid for by taxpayers. We have laid off debt for some of our facilities on others instead of taxpayers.
  • We've made growth charges capture all the costs of growth the law allows. Before Rob was mayor, Oakville had the 15th highest growth fees. Now Oakville leads.
  • We have new revenues from green energy projects that will be able to carry the cost of our donation of up to $130 million to our new hospital after it is completed (and continue to reduce pressure on taxes).
Now, we are the people and this is the time in our history when we are making the important, long-lasting moves for our town’s future as Canada's most livable town. We will continue to only allow growth that fits environmentally and economically. We will continue to protect precious green space and land for future jobs.

Read Rob's key objectives for the future of our town, while maintaining his policy of freezing tax increases at the rate of CPI, by clicking here.