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What Rob does for Oakville…


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Mayor Burton's 2014 Election night victory remarks...

Thank you!

"Please join me in thanking all those who put themselves out there as candidates to keep democracy strong.

"To those whom the voters have trusted with elected office: let’s all dedicate ourselves to working together for what the people voted for.

Rob's vote result has climbed in 3 elections

"Tonight’s result shows that our Livable Oakville approach to planning and controlling growth, debt and taxes is now more than ever truly the people’s vision and the people’s plan – and why not, we created it together with huge public participation. The increase in support for our Livable Oakville plan and vision feels good.

"Our renewed mandate shows how happy people are with the facilities we’ve built and will build, with the services we’ve improved and will improve, and with our self-sustaining approach to good repair of infrastructure that we implemented and will maintain.

"People are happy that we did all that while slowing the growth in their property taxes – to less than inflation, & far less than they had with the previous mayor, while actually adding needed and valued new services and facilities.

"Our renewed and stronger mandate means the people want to continue on the path to be Canada’s most livable town in Canada’s most sustainable – and safest – region.

"Our success tonight belongs to each of us as voters and as volunteers for our efforts. Your effort as scrutineer, canvasser, sign crew member, donor, designer, writer, office staffer – and as voters – all made tonight’s success possible. Thank you for such a job well done! And please let me give special thanks to my family. Their support sustains me. They make me feel such a lucky man. Now please help me thank our campaign manager, Darryn McArthur, who always went (and made us go) the extra mile.

"Now let’s congratulate the members of the new 2014-18 Council. Remember, it takes a council to create a town we all want. The people of Oakville have returned most of the Council who worked together so well to create and enact our Livable Oakville vision! We welcome our newcomers, and salute our retirees.

"Our success today belongs to each of us who worked and voted for it. Our future belongs to all of us who make this town our home. Remember that when we pull together with hard work, creativity and imagination, it’s onward and upward for our town as Livable Oakville!

"Thank you, Oakville, for your confidence and trust!"

Mayor Rob Burton
October 27, 2014

Rob's personal views…

Don't annoy horses…


Taking out anger at a parking ticket on the flank of a horse turns out to be a chance for the horse to demonstrate what it can do with only a one-legged kick. (At least it will if it's a CGI animation from a movie! Here's the whole scene: ~ Enjoy!)

Our new partner in Ottawa…

October 20—All those who put themselves forward for election to represent us in Parliament are to be thanked for the generosity of their offering of their time and talent in the election yesterday. The calibre of the choices before us reflected well on the diverse qualities of our residents.

Collectively the nation has ushered out our old partner in Ottawa and brought in a new partner in the government led by Justin Trudeau with a Liberal Party majority. Extending thanks and congratulations to all the party leaders and members on their efforts on our behalf is my pleasure.

Particular congratulations should go to Oakville's John Oliver and Town Councillor Pam Damoff for their election as new Members of Parliament. Having worked with each of them for several years, it is a given to foresee them working with Council in a most positive and constructive manner to create a more prosperous Oakville for all.

Terence Young also deserves everyone's thanks for his years of service to Oakville as an MP and as an MPP.

Having had the opportunity since 2008 to work with now re-elected Milton MP Lisa Raitt, it is clear that we will continue to see constructive contributions to our community of Halton Region.

Canada's mayors united to put the municipal agenda at the centre of the agenda of the now-concluded Election 42. All of us are looking forward to working with our new partner in the federal government to make municipalities better for everyone.

The municipal agenda we look to make progress for you on includes:

  • Economy: All leaders at all levels of government want our economy to be strong and growing with the highest possible employment and productivity.

  • Infrastructure: Municipalities need long-term, sustainable, predictable and reliable federal funding that flows year in and year out to eliminate the infrastructure renewal deficit. This work will stimulate jobs and businesses.

  • Social Housing: Investing in social housing will stimulate employment and economic growth.

  • Climate change: Tackling climate change will create new economic activity by new and existing businesses and grow our economy while we protect our future.

In this election, Oakville, always a higher voter turnout community, raised its turnout to more than 73 per cent (from 69 per cent in 2011) even as national turnout rose to 68 per cent (from 60 per cent in 2011).

Please contact me here or at the Office of Mayor and Council to discuss municipal/federal concerns. It is always a pleasure to hear from you.

— Mayor Rob Burton